The City Approves

This past week, City Officials in Rock Springs approved the memorandum of understanding to install and the use of a message board at field 4 (baseball field) of the Paul J. Wataha complex, North of Rock Springs. The board will be used for sponsors of the Archie Hay Post 24 baseball team. Both City and Sandpuppy representatives, are excited about the approval. Legion Baseball President, John Grossnickle made a statement in regards to the approval, "The approval of the memorandum of understanding is one step in completing the project of installing a digital message board. The next step is to acquire funding to purchase the message board. I hope that we can complete this project this year so that we can be compliant with the new policy, the City is implementing and in addition to providing our generous sponsor ample exposure."

Post 24 Baseball will be in contact with companies around the community to be the official sponsor of the message board and Sand Puppy Baseball. If you and your company would like to be the official sponsor of Sand Puppy Baseball, please contact them at